7 March 2019
hours 09:30

Project “ControleMaleBestie” II edition: film screening and lecture “Per non morire di mafia” and “Questo non è amore”

Sala Umberto Via della Mercede, 50 Roma

The second edition of the ControleMaleBestie project, promoted by the Luigi Sturzo Institute in collaboration with the CISS, involves about forty students from the Liceo Manara and the Istituto Caetani in Rome as part of the school-work alternation initiatives, with the aim of contributing to building a culture of legality through the use of cinematographic, theatrical and reading language.

The leitmotiv of legality will be declined highlighting some of the “evils” of our time, in particular: the mafia and corruption; youthful discomfort and precariousness of work; violence against women; racism and the challenge of migration.

The students will deepen the theme through three cinematographic works, three theatrical monologues and three literary works dealing with numerous guests, and will finally participate in the organization of the ControleMaleBestie summer festival.



Participation in the event is reserved exclusively for students of schools taking part in the project.