8 November 2018
hours 16:00

Book presentation “La medicina salvata dalla conversazione” by Sandro Spinsanti

Istituto Luigi Struzo - Sala Rossa

The Italian Institute for Bioethics, Roman section, will present the latest book by prof. Sandro Spinsanti “The medicine saved by the conversation”, just published by Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore, Thursday 8th November at the Luigi Sturzo Institute at 4.00 pm.

The volume completes the trilogy dedicated to the ways of treatment, which includes “Medicine dressed in storytelling” and “Dying in the arms of the Graces” focused on the particular moment of end of life. The thesis of all the work of Spinsanti – that the conversation can be an instrument and the cornerstone of good medicine – in this third volume is taken up, deepened and transformed into a project of new civilization. The same criterion of civilization, based on the centrality of the issues related to the birth, health and death of man, which characterizes the mission of the Italian Institute of Bioethics in the daily confrontation between secular ethics and religious ethics in the face of the new possibilities offered by biotechnology .