25 November 2020
hours 16:30

Online Round Table “New European Pact on Migration: overcoming the stall?”

Online Facebook page @istitutoluigisturzo e @martenscentre

The Sturzo Institute participates in the fifth edition of Net@Work, the annual event of the Wilfried Martens Center for European Studies in Brussels, promoting a round table on the new European Pact for Migration and Asylum.

Ten European foundations take part in the event, which is the largest event of this kind, entitled “Geopolitical Europe – Adapting, Reshaping, Engaging to discuss priority issues for the European agenda and national agendas with experts and institutional representatives .

In this context, the Sturzo Institute promotes a debate on the new European Pact for Migration and its future prospects, questioning the possibility that European states can overcome current differences and find a compromise on the issue. Is migration still a priority for all Member States struggling with the Coronavirus emergency? Will the new concept of “flexible solidarity” succeed in bringing all states back to the negotiating table and re-establishing a climate of mutual trust? What could stand in the way of reaching a political agreement in principle by the end of the year, as hoped for by the current German EU Presidency? These are some of the issues that will be explored in the debate.

The online event will be broadcast in English and live streaming on the Facebook page @istitutoluigisturzo and @martenscentre