16 June 2019
hours 09:45

International Conference “L’attualità di un impegno nuovo” – Caltagirone (CT)

Caltagirone (CT)

L’attualità di un impegno nuovo” is the title of the conference to be held in Caltagirone June, from 14th to 16th, with the aim of updating the ideal heritage contained in the twelve programmatic points of the Appeal to free and strong men, drawn up on 18 January 1919 by don Luigi Sturzo.

The meeting will see the presence of 36 experts and twelve rapporteurs representing public and private associations, movements, institutions, institutions and university, for a “cultural and social” dialogue on topical issues in the political debate, following the European elections:
Family, School and education, Intermediate bodies and representation, Work and cooperation, Development and environment, State and local autonomies, Solidarity and health, Church and religious freedom, Economy and taxation, Politics and institutional reforms, Migration and immigration, Europe, the Mediterranean and peace.



The initiative sees a Scientific-Promoting Committee made up of: Salvatore Martinez, president of the Excellence Promotion and Humanity Pole “Mario and Luigi Sturzo” and of the “Casa Museo Sturzo” Foundation; Matteo Truffelli, president of the Italian Catholic Action; Nicola Antonetti, president of the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome; Gaspare Sturzo, president of the Sturzo International Studies Center in Rome; Francesco Bonini, Rector of the LUMSA University of Rome; Lorenzo Ornaghi, president of the Scientific Committee of the De Gasperi Foundation; Msgr. Michele Pennisi, archbishop of Monreale and president of the historical commission for the cause of canonization of don Luigi Sturzo.



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