28 November 2018
hours 16:00

Forum “Criticità gestionali di beni e aziende sequestrate. Proposte e novità legislative”

Istituto Luigi Sturzo - Sala Perin del Vaga

The assets and companies removed from crime constitute a real sector of the economy of the country and the state must take charge of management. For the protection of productive assets and the numerous workers involved. These are tens of thousands of properties, four billion financial instruments (source: Equitalia Giustizia 2018), over ten thousand companies, more than one hundred thousand employees and over 21 billion worth of cumulative production (source: Infocamere 2017). It is evident that in this matter the jurisdictions concerned, from the purely criminal to bankruptcy as well as tax, labor, administrative, to cite the most important, intersect each other and create systems and subsystems that force operators, primarily administrators judiciary, to improvise contingent solutions, aimed at management efficiency, while still respecting the legislative precepts. Under the management profile there are many problematic aspects that arise in the different phases of the procedure. The tribunal practices are also very varied with respect to the solution of the concrete issues that the organs of the procedure are called to face. After the reform of the anti-mafia code implemented by the legislator in 2017 with the law 161, other regulatory measures followed up to those currently under discussion in parliament.