6 December 2019
hours 16:00

Exhibition event “La guerra non è un gioco” – Atelier Memory Gate, Cassino

Atelier Memory Gate - Cassino

The interactive multimedia installation “War is not a game” will be inaugurated on December 6 at 4:00 pm at the Cassino Atelier Memory Gate.

The event is part of a larger project, promoted by the Luigi Sturzo Institute of Rome, entitled “No more wars”, an initiative funded under the P.O.R. FSE of the Lazio Region, to promote knowledge and awareness about war as an issue of absolute topicality.

The installation, in an age of gamification, reinterprets the sense of war by borrowing the language of videogames, comics, superhero sagas where the concept of violence is often placed in the background with respect to its playful aspect. For this reason the installation, curated by Kaos Produzioni with the technical support of Labfor and R-Store, proposes a title as simple as it is clear: War is not a game.


Mauro Buschini, Giovanna Pugliese, Marta Bonafoni, Enzo Salera, Danilo Grossi, Barbara Tieri.