24 October 2019
hours 17:30

Documentary exhibition “At table with history”

Council Room and Lodge - Istituto Luigi Sturzo

A journey through elaborate dishes and fine wines, a journey through the most significant diplomatic events in Republican history over the last seventy years, through the display of some of the institutional menus belonging to the Giulio Andreotti Archive. The complete collection, consisting of over 1,300 documents, documents the working lunches, the official lunches and receptions with which it is possible to reconstruct the diplomatic relations and the role of gastronomy, its languages ​​and its symbols.

The exhibition intends to explore the historical-diplomatic nucleus of the collection and highlight the role of food and wine, of its languages ​​and symbols in international relations, with an eye on Italy’s relations with European and non-European countries.

The specimens selected for the exhibition come from the files concerning the trips, meetings and official interviews carried out by Andreotti as Minister of Defense, Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of the Council, in which alongside letters and diplomatic reports, preparatory materials, photographic documentation and notes of the ceremonial, the menus of working lunches, lunches and official receptions to which Andreotti has participated together with numerous personalities of politics and institutions have also been preserved.




The exhibition will remain open until 31 October 2019


The exhibition was created with the contribution of the Lazio Region.