21 April 2021
hours 10:30

Debate “Women and the future of Europe”

Luigi Sturzo Institute participates in the VI of the Net @ Work symposium of European foundations promoted by the Martens Center for European Studies, organizing the Panel “Women and the future of Europe”, in view of the Conference on the future of Europe.
The pandemic crisis is exacerbating pre-existing inequalities, but at the same time it offers the opportunity to rethink our societies and the future of the EU, including through powerful financial instruments such as the Next Generation EU and the unprecedented exercise of participation by citizens offered by the Conference on the Future of the EU.
How to prevent the pandemic crisis from compromising the important progress made? How to ensure that Europe represents a model in the field of equality, both towards its Member States and on the international stage? How will the reflection on the future of the EU be carried out with and for women? The debate intends to investigate these issues, starting with the measures implemented on the subject by the Parliament and the European Commission.



Loredana Teodorescu, Head of EU and International Affairs, ILS, Secretary General, Women in International Security Italy

Roberta Metsola MEP, EPP, First Vice-President, European Parliament

Colin Scicluna Head of Cabinet of the Vice-President of the European Commission for Democracy and Demography



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