19 October 2018
hours 17:00

Festival of Diplomacy 2018, Round Table “The future of work in the age of automation” –

Istituto Luigi Sturzo - Sala Perin del Vaga

The impact of robotics and automation in work has been analyzed for several years. The technologies that make whole production processes or services of common use autonomous (public transport for example) are theoretically capable of replacing workers but not making the human role in the organization and management of work superfluous.
According to a report made by Mc Kinsey, to date only 5% of “human” economic activities can be entirely performed by a non-human. On the other hand, of 60% of workers, 30% of the tasks would be entirely reliable to software; but always according to the report, all the management activities, all the jobs that require creativity or for which decisions have to be made based on unpredictable variables, those are still practically impossible to be carried out by a robot.
So analysis shows that human beings will still be needed in the workplace: total productivity gains are estimated to come only if people work alongside machines.
The choice of machine or man is not just a question of technical conditions: everything depends on the cost of developing hardware and software, on labor costs and on the conditions of supply and demand on the labor market, but above all on economic benefits, and acceptance social.


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