23 October 2020
hours 09:30

Debate “The European Union beyond trauma: integration and solidarity in the post-Brexit and Covid19 era”


If the Brexit process has represented and represents for many a failure of the integration process, the Covid-19 crisis has underlined more than ever the need for effective and solidary cohesion at European and international level. At this juncture, while the global order based on multilateralism is constantly challenged by nationalisms and attempts at regional hegemonies, where is the European Union located? Is it possible to imagine a Europe where greater sovereignty is based on greater solidarity, social welfare and shared policies? And concretely, what political and institutional contours will the post-Brexit EU and Covid-19 define?


Following the DPCM of October, 18th 2020, which suspends all conference activities, the event has been canceled and will be rescheduled shortly in webinar mode.