23 March 2021
hours 17:00

Debate “Sinistre. Un secolo di divisioni” with P. Pombeni and N. Antonetti


The history of the left turns out to be a long duel, or series of duels which reformism often pays for, in the face of the seduction of the exit from liberal democracy towards the realization of socialism. Or, more recently, in the face of the entrenchment of moralistic positions (such as anti-Berlusconism, or the defense of the intangibility of the Constitution, or the denunciation of corruption) on which, after the end of ideologies, every capacity for reform seems to have run aground , any tension towards the future.


These and others are the points of reflection that will be addressed during the meeting between the author of the volume Paolo Pombeni and Nicola Antonetti, President of the Luigi Sturzo Institute.