31 May 2019
hours 15:00

Debate “Il pensiero antiparlamentare e la formazione del diritto pubblico in Europa”

Sala Perin del Vaga - Istituto Luigi Sturzo

Debate, on the occasion of the publication of the volume of José Esteve Pardo, El pensamiento antiparlamentario y la formación del Derecho público en Europa, Marcial Pons, 2019.



If certainly a current of this thought precipitated “in the black waters” of the authoritarian and nationalist regimes, other exponents of the criticism of liberal parliamentarism contributed, in fact, to define the new architecture of post-war public power, in particular with regard to the judicial control of constitutionality of laws, the institutional conception of fundamental rights that bind the legislator, the legitimacy of administrative action based on the idea of public service.