25 October 2019
hours 09:00

Annual Conference “The Crisis of Confidence in Legislation” – International Association of Legislation IAL

Sala Capitolare - Chiostro del Convento di Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Piazza della Minerva, 38

The crisis of trust in the legislation ‘is the most important institutional topic but almost absent from the public debate. Confidence, on the other hand, is decisive for the proper functioning of markets and institutions, indeed Italy’s delay is also explained as a crisis of confidence: legislative inflation, high litigation, continuous changes to the rules, oppressive bureaucracy, expensive and ineffective controls, widespread and tolerated non-fulfillment, circumvention practices, generate high costs for citizens and businesses and a context of legal insecurity, in which the rules are not certain and their administrative implementation is not predictable “.




To rebuild confidence in the legislation, the conference indicates some tracks, including the quality of regulatory inquiry (to adopt less but better rules), the crucial role of Parliaments and, above all, greater institutional attention to the administrative implementation of laws.
Reflecting on all this becomes particularly significant in times of ‘short blankets’ and in full session of budget for 2020. Obviously, as long as the political confrontation is now able to go beyond a short-term perspective “.


See the report on the conference broadcast on “Punto Europa – Rai Parlamento” on November 10th, 2019 (11:30”-15:00”)