3 October 2019
hours 10:00

Conference “The School of Salamanca between tradition and innovation”

Perin del Vaga Room - Istituto Luigi Sturzo

The eighth centenary of the University of Salamanca is not just the opportunity to celebrate one of the most prestigious European cultural venues, but it is also an opportunity to return to reflect on a series of issues that have arisen from this academic reality and they interested the whole world, with extremely important problems. Among these are the relationships between different cultures, the birth of modern international law, the limits and the division of power, but also the considerations around the nascent economy that have made scholars say like Schumpeter that which is supported by the classics of the nineteenth century economy it had already been studied and abundantly anticipated by that second scholastic which, in Salamanca, had its most far-sighted center.



In collaboration with: Luigi Sturzo Institute, University of Salamanca, Biblioteca Angelica, Res Publica. Journal of international historical-political studies