18 April 2019
hours 16:00

Conference “Reading Literacy, a challenge for the cultural development of the country”

Sala Rossa - Istituto Luigi Sturzo

The conference presents the program of the activities of the project Between the lines, funded by the Centro per il Libro e la Lettura, which Luigi Sturzo Institute will carry out in 2019 with the aim of:

  • to train first grade secondary school teachers on Reading Literacy by transferring useful skills and methodologies to facilitate students’ ability to understand, interpret, and reflect on the text
  • counteract the reading deficit (8 points on the OECD average) of Italian children, 11 – 14 years, as emerged from the PISA 2015 survey
  • transform the training proposal into an opportunity to strengthen the teaching of Civic Education, improving knowledge and behaviors of “active citizenship” inspired by constitutional principles
  • create virtuous networks through the involvement of schools, bookstores, libraries, cultural institutes, associations and all other subjects capable of sensitizing the territory through ongoing proposals for reading and literature



Speakers: Giovanni Dessì – Istituto Luigi Sturzo, Luisa Marquardt – Roma Tre University, Chiara De Vecchis – Italian Library Association, Samanta Segatori – I.C. Dante Alighieri. Greetings from Flavia Cristiano – Centro per il Libro e la Lettura