22 November 2019
hours 09:45

Conference “Dall’Appello ai Liberi e Forti al Congresso di Torino. La politica di un partito nuovo” – Torino

Polo of '900 - Conference Room, San Celso Building, Corso Valdocco 4 - Torino

At the end of the year of the Centenary of the appeal to the Liberi, the Carlo Donat-Cattin Foundation and the Luigi Sturzo Institute promote, on Friday 22 November at the Conference Hall of Palazzo San Celso in Corso Valdocco, 4 / a, a historic conference on Popular Party

Distinguished and influential historians will reconstruct the events of the first PPI at the national level and the first results of the research of the Donat-Cattin Foundation on the role of the PPI in Piedmont will be presented

Reflecting on the knots of Italian political history through the choice of Fr Sturzo and the first PPI is one of the objectives of critical reconstruction of Italian political experience also in relation to today.