3 June 2019
hours 15:30

Book presentation “Spiritualità e politica” by L. Mortari

Giovanni da Udine Room - Istituto Luigi Sturzo

Today more than ever we need to take up, and sometimes even reconstruct, the intertwining of spirituality and politics that gives meaning and form to our singular and plural existence. Here then is the need to reflect on the essential questions that accompany the construction of the sense of existence (the object of spirituality) to arrive at designing the horizon of one’s own walk through time and in the human community (which is the essence of politics).



Speakers: Andrea BIXIO, Simona ANDRINI, Luisella BATTAGLIA, Francesca BREZZI, Antonio CASU, Franco A. MESCHINI, Marco UBBIALI

The curator, Luigina MORTARI, will be present