22 November 2019
hours 16:00

Book presentation “La cronicità come prendersene cura, come viverla” by D. Rinnenburger

Red Room - Luigi Sturzo Institute
The country of “chronic diseases” in which Dagmar Rinnenburger (doctor pulmonologist and allergist) guides us is the country in which more or less consciously understood than we already live, but, as often happens, what is closer and considered family is also what we know less so that we attract, be fascinated and at the same time be terrified by the country of “acute diseases” we pay little attention to our home, to our chronicity and end up losing the same sense of what concretely is our state of health, less and less identifiable with the definition of health that the WHO gives. Written with great delicacy and with considerable experience in the field, the book by Dagmar Rinnenburger helps us to regain possession of this country, that of chronicity, to which we have always belonged and, at the same time, helps us to a conscious and authentic confrontation with death, almost a gift to us of the other side of the patristic saying, so that I received meditatio vitae est meditatio mortis.