Sparisci was a senior official at the Chamber of Deputies and Private Secretary to Giovanni Gronchi in his years as President of the Congress of Deputies and President of the Republic of Italy. He was awarded the Grand Cross, the highest honour of the Republic of Italy.

In his retirement years, he dedicated his time to historical studies, benefitted by his vast and in-depth culture in the humanities: he was a member of the Scientific Committee of the G. Gronchi educational centre in Pontedera, and diligently studied the personality of the Tuscan statesman and the historic events of which he was protagonist. Tied by a strong bond of affection to the city of Fabriano, who he had to leave at a very young age, in 1986 he founded the Centro Studi Don Giuseppe Riganelli, a cultural institution that has established regional importance, of which he was initially acting President, and later honorary President until his death.

He is credited with starting and developing the line of research and studies relating to Catholic movement in Fabriano.

The collection includes 845 SBN catalogued monographic publications.


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