Scandaletti is a writer who has published prize-winning biographies that have been translated into other languages, including Antonio da Padova (Rusconi, 1981, 4 editions - Marietti 2002, Castiglioncello award for the best biography), Galileo Privato (Camunia, 2 editions), Gaspara Stampa in Come ho amato (Rizzoli 1992) and Chiara d'Assisi (Rizzoli BUR 2002). He is also the author of Venezia è caduta on the demise of the Republic of Venice (Neri Pozza 1997, 3 editions), which won the Selezione Estense award and Librai Città di Padova prize. As a journalist, he worked at “II Gazzettino” and at RAI (Italy’s national broadcasting company), he published political essays and essays on communication, he directed “DESK” and conducted research on the professions of communicators at the LUISS University in Rome, he taught history of journalism at the University Suor Orsola in Naples. He is coordinator of the project “Rileggiamo la Grande Guerra” for the Friuli - Venezia Giulia Region.

The collection includes 1,481 SBN catalogued monographic publications.


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