Rossini joined RAI (Italy’s national broadcasting company) in 1959. With twenty years of experience, in 1979 he was co-founder and the first director of the Rai 3 TV channel as a representative of Democrazia Cristiana for the Fanfani faction of the party. Half an hour after Rai 3, the television news Tg3 came into being directed by Biagio Agnes (Democrazia Cristiana) with co-director Sandro Curzi (Italian Communist Party) vice-director Alberto La Volpe (Italian Socialist Party) and Orazio Guerra. He was Director at Rai 3 until 1987 when Rai 3 and Tg3 came under the influence of the Italian Communist Party, Rai 2 and Tg2 of the Italian Socialist Party, and Rai 1 and Tg1 of Democrazia Cristiana. Rossini became director at Rai 1 taking the place of Emanuele Milano, in the meantime being appointed to head Telemontecarlo, leaving Rai 3 to Angelo Guglielmi. Giuseppe Rossini would remain the director of the Rai flagship channel until 1989.

The Library includes approximately 4,000 monographic volumes, about twenty journals (from different years and some from the 19th Century preserved in excellent condition) on subjects relating to the studies and activity of Professor Rossini, namely classical treatises on Italian history in the 20th Century, history of the political movements of the centre and, in particular, the works of publishers adhering to the values of Democrazia Cristiana such as Edizioni 5 Lune, of which he was one of the founders.


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