Maroi was an Italian jurist, and brother to Lanfranco. A former magistrate, he became a university professor in 1929. He was a professor of civil rights at the universities of Parma, Turin and Rome. He contributed to the reform of the Italian Civil Code. A scholar with a broad culture, he cultivated and was assigned to teach legal papyrology. In addition to his courses and monographic works on civil and agrarian law, Roman law, epigraphy and papyrology, he wrote the commentary to the Lehrbuch des Pandektenrechts by B. Windscheid (Italian translation, 3 vol., 1930); he directed the Dizionario pratico di diritto privato and revised Istituzioni di diritto privato by R. De Ruggiero (1940). His legal writings were published in 2 volumes in 1956.

The collection includes approximately 5,000 volumes and journals and 2,000 pamphlets on legal topics (private law, agricultural law, public law, civil procedure and Roman law). The catalogue is available in the form of paper records.


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