This includes volumes pertaining to the history of Democrazia Cristiana, works by and on the most important representatives of the Italian Catholic movement, in addition to individual collections relating to various sectors of interest, also regarding Italian history in our century (elections, women’s history, school and rights to education, European politics and so on).

The collection contains:

  • histories of the Catholic movement (local and national);
  • works of a general nature on modern and contemporary history;
  • works on the foundation of the Italian People’s Party;
  • works by and on: De Gasperi, Murri, Dossetti, Toniolo, Sturzo, Spataro, Piccioni, Gronchi, Gioberti, Rosmini, Moro, Cavour, Mussolini and others;
  • Various documents on the social history of the Catholic Church (proceedings of the Settimane Sociali conventions).

The collection includes 5,895 SBN catalogued monographic publications.


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