Della Rocca was a lawyer, historian, university professor of canon law, Dean of Sacra Rota, Vice President of the Order of Lawyers in Rome, and the author of more than 450 publications including monographic works and articles.

Member of the Defascistization Committee of the Foreign Ministry in the early post war years. He was plenipotentiary of the Italian government, also in the post war period, to restore diplomatic and cultural ties with countries in North and South America.

He was a friend of Luigi Sturzo and one of the founders of Istituto Luigi Sturzo and the Democrazia Cristiana.

This collection includes a multitude of repertoires, Italian and foreign monographic works on legal subjects and, in particular, contemporary history of the Catholic Church and the Catholic movement, as well as dozens of treatises from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries, mostly related to law, preserved in excellent condition. The donation was completed with the works of Professor Della Rocca, including thousands of texts and articles, generally on legal subjects (with particular reference to family law and the history of the Italian Catholic movement), published over the course of his legal career.

The collection includes 2,506 SBN catalogued monographic publications.


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