De Rosa was an Italian historian and politician.

In 1958 he became the first full professor of contemporary history in Italy. He taught the same subject at the Universities of Padua, Salerno (where he was rector) and Rome.

His work as historian focused on the Catholic movement in Italy and on Democrazia Cristiana. He is recognized as one of the most important Italian authors on both subjects. He was elected as Senator to the Italian Republic in Legislature X and XI, collection in 1993 the role of Whip for Democrazia Cristiana.

In Legislature XII and XIII, he was elected Deputy of the House, first for Democrazia Cristiana and later for PPI. From 1979 until his death (2009) he was President of Istituto Luigi Sturzo in Rome. The collection includes more than 20,000 volumes, more than 50 texts and approximately 600 excerpts on the history of Catholic thinking, the political and religious history in 20th century Italy. The library of Prof. De Rosa and his works together offer a cut-away view of contemporary history and more than anything of Catholic thinking in 20th century Italy, and is of unquestionable importance.

The SBN cataloguing of his monographic material is in the final stages, and includes selections from collective works, doctoral dissertations selected by the Professor personally and the complete collection of his texts and texts donated to him by scholars.


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