An activist of Azione Cattolica Italiana (Catholic Action) from 1935, Contigliozzi took part in the creation of the young people’s movement of Democrazia Cristiana (1943).

A journalist (fo “La punta”, “Politica d’oggi”, “Tendenza”) and an antifascist, Contigliozzi was a lawyer and a member of several Catholic associations, and until 1951 he was a member of Democrazia Cristiana in Rome. He was also a member of the executive council a number of times. In 1948 he founded Associazione dei comitati di rione e di borgata (Association of urban and rural committees), with the aim of providing a participation base to support the administrative activity of Democrazia Cristiana in Rome.

Elected at the municipal level in 1952, he abandoned politics in 1960 to dedicate all of his time to his forensic work.

The collection includes 267 SBN catalogued monographic publications.


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