The assets of the Historical Archive of Istituto Luigi Sturzo includes the following archives which, in line with current archive standards, are made available to the public once the suitable consultation instruments are in place.

Political Posters archive (1946-1993)

In addition to the posters preserved in personal archives, the central core of the Posters Archive comprises electoral, informative and propaganda posters produced by Spes (the study, propaganda and press office of Democrazia Cristiana) between 1946 and 1993.

The archive of Istituto Luigi Sturzo (1950-1980)

The archive preserves the documentation on the scientific activity and administrative life of the Institute founded by Luigi Sturzo for a period of thirty years after it was established.

DC-PPI Group in the Chamber of Deputies (1943-1994)

The activity of the Group from the I to the X legislature, with particular reference to the Organization Secretary, the President and the Executive Committee.

DC-PPI Group in the Senate of the Republic (1948-2001)

The activity of the Group from the I to the X Legislature with particular reference to correspondence, minutes, circulars and press releases.

Democrazia Cristiana archive (1943-1993)

The records cover the activity of Political Secretaries, National Directorate, National Council and National Congresses, from the birth of Democrazia Cristiana in 1943 to its dissolution in 1992.


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