The assets of the Historical Archive of Istituto Luigi Sturzo includes the following archives which, in line with current archive standards, are made available to the public once the suitable consultation instruments are in place.

Giacomo Sedati archive (1945-1984)

The archive preserves documentation on the political activity of the attorney and Christian Democrat politician. It also documents his work as Minister for Agriculture (Leone and Rumor governments), Special Commissioner for the Vajont disaster (1963), President of the Council of Ministers of Agriculture for the European Economic Community (1968) and President of the Parliamentary Committee on the broadcasting supervisory board (1972).

Giuseppe Spataro archive (1911-1978)

This archive preserves documentation regarding the activity of Spataro, a politician from Abruzzo, with particular reference to his membership with the Italian People’s Party, the foundation of Democrazia Cristiana, the Constituent Assembly, and the policies of the Italian governments after World War II.

Vittorino Veronese archive (1942-1977)

The documentation regards the correspondence of Veronese, a politician from Vicenza, with Catholic figures in the post-war period, and provides interesting information on the history of Azione Cattolica and relations with the Vatican, the Second Vatican Council, Unesco, and Banco di Roma, of which he was President.

Enrico Zuppi archive (1940-1970)

The documentation mainly regards photographic material relating to Zuppi’s activity with "L’Osservatore della Domenica". The archive also preserves correspondence and typewritten accounts and other writings.

Sinistra Cristiana archive (1943-1945)

The documentation follows the political, organizational, and propaganda activity of the Partito della Sinistra Cristiana during its widely documented two years of life in the different regions of Italy.


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