The assets of the Historical Archive of Istituto Luigi Sturzo includes the following archives which, in line with current archive standards, are made available to the public once the suitable consultation instruments are in place.

Maria Cocco archive (1958-1976)

The papers document the parliamentary activity of Maria Cocco in the Chamber of Deputies and the parliamentary commissions, from 1958 to 1976.

Silvia Costa archive (1985-1994)

The documentation pertains to the activity of Costa as a Member of Parliament, under-secretary to the Minister of Universities, member of the VII Cultural Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, President to the Equal Opportunities Commission and adviser to Cnel.

Luciano Dal Falco archive (1949-1992)

The documentation pertains to the activity of Dal Falco, a politician from Verona, as deputy, senator and Minister of Health.

Clelia D'Inzillo archive (1939-2002)

The documentation pertains to the journalistic work of D’Inzillo as editor of the newspaper “Il Popolo".

Maria De Unterrichter Jervolino archive (1950-1978)

The documentation pertains to Jervolino’s activity as Chairwoman of the Opera Nazionale Montessori (ONM), vice Chairman of the International Montessori Association and Chairman of the Ministerial Committee that prepared the guidelines for educational activity in state kindergartens.


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