The archive preserves documents relating to the entire second half of the 20 th Century and illustrates the long span of activity of Senator Giulio Andreotti, a man of government and political exponent, a scholar, essayist and journalist.

The archive is divided into two sections: in the first, the documents are organized into series of records that trace Andreotti’s life through biographical happenings as well as through his political, cultural and professional experiences, his work with Democrazia Cristiana and his institutional role as Minister and President of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic. The material consists of a notable collection of writings, including published works and articles, and speeches given since the end of the 1940s.

The second section is made up of folders corresponding to files classified numerically (from 1 to 10,500), containing records relating to a variety of references (public figures, events and subjects). The archive also contains a collection of photographs which document private and public moments in the life of the politician Andreotti.

Collection size: 3,500 envelopes


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