The assets of the Historical Archive of Istituto Luigi Sturzo includes the following archives which, in line with current archive standards, are made available to the public once the suitable consultation instruments are in place.

Luigi Sturzo archive (1891-1959)

This is the original archive of the Historical Archive and contains documents relating to the politics and writing of Luigi Sturzo during the crisis of the Liberal state, the advent of fascism, Sturzo’s years of exile and post-war years.

Giuseppe Ammassari archive (1993-1996)

The documentation regards the post held by Ammassari as Commissioner for the Electricity and Gas authority.

Giulio Andreotti archive (1920s to present)

The archive preserves documents relating to the entire second half of the 20 th Century and illustrates the long span of activity of Senator Giulio Andreotti, a man of government and political exponent, a scholar, essayist and journalist.

Antonino Anile archive (1900-1943)

The archive preserves correspondence between Antonino Anile, a politician from Calabria, and his biographer Vito G. Galati and others, his poetry, journalistic articles, press clippings of his work, manuscripts and psychological notes.

Nino Badano archive (1935-1991)

The documentation pertains to the work of the Catholic director of the Rome-based Catholic newspaper "Quotidiano" between 1950 and 1964 and "Giornale d’Italia" from 1966 to 1969, and his work with "L’Avvenire d’Italia", "Il Frontespizio", "Primato", "Italia letteraria", "Vita e pensiero", "Il Tempo", "Oggi" and a number of cultural magazines.


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