DIK Association will host the 4th meeting of the European Project KVALUES. It will be a crucial moment for all the partners, at the end of the piloting activity in Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria and Sweden, where 100 adults and young adults in disadvantaged conditions have tested the digital storytelling methodology to make their digital curricular stories.

By analysing the results of this phase, the partnership will have to understand the potential effectiveness of the digital storytelling as a tool for the validation of the skills aquired through the informal and non-formal learning, and in particular for the validation of the 8 key competences:

  • communication in the mother tongue
  • communication in foreign languages
  • mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology
  • digital competence
  • learning to learn
    social and civic competences
  • sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  • cultural awareness and expression

(Cfr. http://europa.eu/legislation_summaries/education_training_youth/lifelong_learning/c11090_en.htm)

During the meeting, the partnership will start working on the programme of the final conference (Brussels, 7th October 2014) and on the training course about how to make a digital curricular story, hosted in Rome by Luigi Sturzo Institute (21st – 23rd October 2014).

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