The two projects coordinated by Luigi Sturzo Institute will be presented during the International Digital Storytelling Conference – Athens, May 8-10, 2014

European funded projects are good chances to develop skills and practices for social and economical growth between people from different countries that put together their knowledge and their experiences to create new way to face the actual world. What does a DST project mean under this prospective?

Starting from the experience of ENKDIST (European Knowledge diffusion of digital storytelling) and KVALUES (Key Competences Validating Adult Learners’ Educational Experiences), the panel will focus on the importance of acquiring specific competences leading to new job opportunities and of spreading and creating new methods model as a basis of cultural growth.

ENKDIST is a 36-month long project focused on Digital Storytelling in formal, non-formal and informal learning. The project is funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, under the Lifelong Learning Program, Transversal KA3 Measure, and meets the purposes of the Life Long Learning program with the intention of exchanging best practice at a European level, endorsing the vision of technology serving lifelong learning. The Network aims at providing advices and support on transversal issues related to the creative use of digital contents and to the employment of basic software tools to create digital stories involving actively people from the educational and learning sector, from pupils to teachers, from students to professors, from professionals to trainers and adults. To reach these objectives the Network connects knowledge, experiences and best practices between 8 European partners and the Third Country partner from United States, during a series of events over 3-years in which the DST approach, tools and related issues are analyzed, deepened, critically compared and updated. The network also work on the implementation of the Community of Practice (CoP) online, created with the purpose to exchange information on DST practices and theories. The community is called dTellers and can be found at

KVALUES is a two year project that brings together adult cultural educators from Italy, UK, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Bulgaria to develop and test the digital storytelling methodology as an innovative tool to guide adults and young adults in disadvantaged conditions to self-evaluate and recognize skills and key competences acquired through informal learning context. The idea of the project springs from the successful feedback received from the previous project’s DeTALES, which showed that digital storytelling is a useful means to engage people of all ages and backgrounds. Based on past experiences in adult education and the cultural field, KVALUES partners realized that the target group in question (adults, young adults in disadvantaged conditions, unemployed, inactive people) is not aware that what you do at work, or in life, can be turned into a learning opportunity. They aren’t aware that, not only practical skills are useful to find a job or a better job position, but also the key competences such as social, transversal, cultural, creative and entrepreneurship thinking skills are an added value to their curricula. The implementation of a digital curricula story puts the individual at the center of the learning, fostering key competences (creative, entrepreneurship, basics, cultural, etc.) and, consequently, the need/willingness to undertake a new training process. The process of validation helps learners to think about what they have achieved so far and identify their strengths and skills. It helps to identify longer-term goals and what they need to do to achieve them. The use of digital tools, combined with the narrative process, aims to encourage individuals, usually excluded from traditional pathways of formal training aiming at transferring practical skills, to become more aware of the importance of key competences to help them to re-enter in the labour market.

The two projects are a starting point to open an interactive session on how European projects related to DST led to practices that enhance growth, evolution and development of people and institutions toward paths never imagined.

The distinctions between cultures, practices and approaches are the engine of this desirable change.



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