From the 7th to the 11th of October 2013, 20 trainers selected by the partnership will participate to the first of two Digital Storytelling training workshops in programme during KVALUES Project. 

The course will hold in the Coleg Cambria of Wrexham and will be coordinated by the host organization, represented in this occasion by Steve Bellis and Jan Jones, with the support - as facilitator - of Guido Kowalski, from the Grimme Institute Gesellschaft für Medien, Bildung und Kultur (Germany), and - as Project coordinator - of Antonia Liguori, from the Luigi Sturzo Institute (Italy).

This important phase of KVALUES, dedicated to the training of the trainers, is organized in two courses: the first one in the UK where the trainers will master the digital storytelling method applied to the validation of informal and non-formal learning; the second one in December in Germany where they will learn how to deliver and to facilitate a digital storytelling workshop for adults, young adults in disadvantaged conditions, unemployed, inactive people.

Download the programme of the five days of training.

Download the preparation document made for the 20 trainers involved in KVALUES Project.

Download the consent form for the use of the digital stories as part of KVALUES Project (first draft).



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