ENCATC, the European network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy education, has published on the latest Newsletter, an article about KVALUES project and in particular on the project’s research phase.

Here is below the text published on ENCATC Newsletter N° 4/2013, page 18.

The KVALUES project – Key competences: validating adult learners’ educational experiences is being coordinated by ENCATC member, the Luigi Sturzo Institute and involves a consortium of 8 partners that includes 3 ENCATC members: the Tallinn Creative Hub in Estonia, Melting Pro. Laboratorio per la Cultura in Italy, and DIK in Sweden. This is an excellent example of ENCATC members collaborating and pooling their knowledge, skills and competences to implement a successful transnational cultural project.

The KVALUES consortium brings together adult cultural educators from Italy, UK, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Bulgaria to develop and test the digital storytelling methodology as an innovative tool to guide adults and young adults in disadvantaged conditions to self-evaluate and recognize skills and key competences acquired through informal learning context such as work, volunteering, family and community related activities. Besides contributing to the European debate, KVALUES aims at identifying which competences and skills can be validated by engaging different stakeholders.

At the end of the project’s research phase, after the first six months of activity, the European Project KVALUES has just shared the first draft of a report about the validation of competences acquired through informal and non-formal learning, at the European and national level. The aim was to verify the effectiveness of self-evaluation and the possible use of digital storytelling as a tool to guide adults to self-evaluate their competences.

The idea of the project springs from the successful feedback received from the previous project’s DeTALES, which showed that digital storytelling is a useful means to engage people of all ages and backgrounds. Based on past experiences in adult education and the cultural field, KVALUES partners realized that the target group in question (adults, young adults in disadvantaged conditions, unemployed, inactive people) is not aware that what you do at work, or in life, can be turned into a learning opportunity. They aren’t aware that, not only practical skills are useful to find a job or a better job position, but also the key competences such as social, transversal, cultural, creative and entrepreneurship thinking skills are an added value to their curricula.

How can we make people aware of the importance of these skills and competences? To give an answer to this and other central questions, KVALUES has done six months of research (such as surveys, one to one interviews, focus groups, etc.), before planning the project’s training phase. The activities focused on national and European best practices, on the process of validation of competences acquired in formal and non-formal settings, and defining a mapping of competences to be validated.

The research is not only related to the official procedures of validation to improve employability. It has also included the individual growth of people involved in the activity of digital storytelling, with the aim of seeing if it can be useful to raise awareness of their competences, support the decrease of marginalization and help the connection between the people and the labor market (even at different phases of a worker’s career: from entering into the workforce, to the improvement of employment status within a company or in a specific sector). The research report doesn’t intend to be exhaustive of all professional practices, but rather a snapshot focusing on the cultural and social sectors.

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