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During the first 6 months of activity of KVALUES Project, all the partners carried out, with different methods and approaches, a research to understand how to use the digital storytelling such as a tool to guide adults and young people in disadvantaged conditions to self-evaluate their competences.

The German partner, Grimme Institute Gesellschaft für Medien, Bildung und Kultur, after a workshop hosted at the end of May, has organized some interviews that you can watch now in a short and really effective video.

Here is below the five questions with some causes for reflection stimulated by the answers given by the participants to the workshop.

- When you learn to do something new for yourself, at work or in the community, volunteering or with your own family, what benefits are there to certifying your own learning?

Causes for reflection:

Reflecting on the quality and the possibility to do better in the future.

Need to prove the volunteering experiences for who is applying for a new job.

Have the chance to understand and “internally recognize” more about what we have learnt and show to other people.

Learning in all day life through the contact between generation, learning from each other.


- How could an interactive CV containing a reflective digital stories help you progress in the world of work?

Causes for reflection:

In terms of time, helping to understand in which direction we move and improve ourselves.

Showing the skills to other people in a vivid way and better explaining what we’d like to do. It’s useful and appealing.

Useful for putting our mind on what can we do.

The certification process is very complex and DST is a wonderful tool, useful to certificate the learning process in daily working life.

Critical aspect: the work sometimes is too traditional for this kind of tools, more appreciated in volunteering sector.

Double benefit using DS: we can talk about the skills and also show the skills we have with digital media.


- If there was a self-evaluation tool available how much use might you make of it?

Causes for reflection:

Someone would use it every month to see his progress

Help for an innovative reflection about how to do better in the future.

DS needs training and it’s necessary to use often it.

- What is your perception of whether employers or educational establishments would recognize such a tool?

Causes for reflection:

You have to convince people to use it.

It depends how much the institutions are conservative.

As time changes and technology become much more important, could be interesting if bigger educational institutions start with recognizing this kind of tools.

It’s more interesting to watch a digital story than a normal paper based CV.


- We are looking at developing the digital storytelling methodology to get adults from a range of backgrounds to self-evaluate their own competences. From your own experience, how useful could this tool be for people?

Causes for reflection:

DS is useful like an exploration of ourselves.

To understand their skills better and to communicate.

People are already using it but they don’t know this, so it’s necessary to teach how to use it in a higher level such us a use finalized to the self evaluation.

It’s an ideal tool because is short, very easy to be produced and watched by other people.

Personal benefit but also financial benefit.

The DS is real and authentic and for that reason is good to present ourselves and convince someone to choose us for a new job.

Useful to put emphasis on something in particular.



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