CETAID activities are going ahead with the second project meeting that will be held in Portugal from 20 to 22 February and will aim at debating, sharing ideas and innovative practices among European museums and cultural institution.

During the first day all partners will partecipate to the workshop with Helen Graham “Co-production: Visitors, Knowledge and Politics”.

In this workshop, Helen Graham will generate discussion around the main issues raised by the co-production of exhibit and exhibitions with individuals and communities. Issues discussed will include: the different ways of learning through co-production and how it relates to curatorial knowledge, what we know about what visitors think about co-produced exhibitions and the politics of decision making in co-production projects.

In the afternoon, Inês Ferreira will discuss the work and results of a 3-year-old programme of the Munipality of Porto, SIM-Cultura (Cultural Interpretation and Mediation Service), that brings together museums, libraries, archives, theatres and heritage representatives, in order to think and plan together their relationship with the community. In the second part of the workshop, she will focus specifically on the process of the making of an exhibition which involved the senior population of the day care centres of Porto. The exhibition presented objects from the city´s museums, archives and libraries, as well as objects that the participants brought from their homes.

During second day it will be a visit to Museum of Ceramics, Sacavém, and in the last day the partnership is getting to know other portuguese museums with a presentation of case studies.

In the last day will be time for partners meeting, discussions on evaluation of first year of project, communication and dissemination.


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