Founded in 1919 and directed first by Filippo Meda and then by Guido Gonella and Paolo Emilio Taviani, the journal suspended publication in 1995. When it reappeared in 2004, the aim of the new series was to continue along the path set by its founder, Filippo Meda, a leading member of the Italian People’s Party.

The new Civitas may thus be seen as a relaunch of the journal under the banner of a sort of “coherent continuity”, which provides confirmation of its remarkable capacity for self-perpetuation. Indeed, it served as a “link”, important for politics and social and cultural life in Italy, between Meda and De Rosa.

For these reasons, Civitas represents “the faithful, convinced and tenaciously vital continuation of the commitment of some great figures in Italian history”.

Among the various directors of the journal, one name that stands out in particular is that of Paolo Emilio Taviani who left “Civitas” to Istituto Luigi Sturzo in the conviction that, in so doing, it would be guaranteed a rebirth and new beginning. The independence he wanted is now reflected in this new project, initiated by the agreement between the Istituto Luigi Sturzo and the Association for the promotion of democracy in Italy. It is not easy for Civitas to pursue its purpose of “coherent continuity” in the current Italian and global political and historical setting. Nevertheless, it is driven by the hope that it might coincide “with a new and more intense period of civil and moral rebirth of our country”.

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The Directors of Civitas

Founded and directed by Filippo Meda (1919-1925)
Guido Gonella (1947)
Paolo Emilio Taviani (1950-1995)
Gabriele De Rosa (2004-2007)
Franco Nobili (2007-2008)

The journal today

Managing Director
Agostino Giovagnoli

Editorial director
Amos Ciabattoni

Editorial board
Andrea Bixio
Walter E. Crivellin
Mario Giro
Flavia Nardelli
Ernesto Preziosi
Giuseppe Sangiorgi

Editorial office
Rita Proietti
Serena Torri

Via delle Coppelle, 35
00186, Roma
Tel. 06.68809223 / 06.6840421